St. George St Alexandra
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Orthodox Church  in America Diocese of the South

St. George and Alexandra Holy Orthodox Church

7500 Mahogany Ave

Fort Smith AR 72916


Ss George and Alexandra Orthodox MissionSs. George and Alexandra Orthodox Mission is part of the Diocese of the South, which is presided over by The Right Reverend Alexander, Bishop of Dallas, the South and the Bulgarian Diocese. Our mission is bringing the joy of Christ's resurrection to those who have never heard the Good News, and to strengthen and encourage the faithful who reside within greater Fort Smith area.

The Orthodox Church humbly claims to be the One Church of Christ, founded on the apostolic witness to our Lord, born on the Day of Pentecost, and for 2,000 years making known to men, women, and children the path to salvation through repentance and faith in Christ.

The Orthodox Church is not a denomination (for it predates Protestantism by 1,500 years) nor is it "the Eastern branch of the Roman Catholic Church." It is, quite simply, the Church of Christ.

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Fr. John Maxwell:


P.O. Box 11497

Fort Smith, AR 72917

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Dear Faithful in Christ,


Christ is in our midst,

Over two years ago, we started streaming our services because people were either restricted or afraid to come to Church due to Covid.  This was intended to be a temporary situation.

We are now in the middle of Great Lent.  Holy Week and Pascha will soon be upon us. Watching streamed services are no substitute to being in Church.  We need to gather together as a community as one body, sing praises and thanksgiving together and to partake of Holy Communion together.  This we cannot due in our living rooms.

At some point we need to go back to a sense of normality. Although Covid is still around. Its threat has greatly lessened.  The Parish Council and I feel that the time has come to transition back to the time when we gathered together to worship the Lord.

For this reason. Palm Sunday will be the last service we will be streaming.  We hope all healthy members of our community will begin coming again to our services.


We also realize that we have shut-ins in our community that cannot come to Church.  To meet some of their spiritual needs, a recording of all sermons will become available on facebook and on our Web Page.

We will also be positing on our Web Page and Facebook a link for live Divine services which are available in a more pristine and professional manner.  The times of these services will also be posted.

Blessings on all as we journey to Pascha.

Yours in Christ,

Father John